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Welcome to the DENTALEZ series of DentalTalk by Viva Learning. Top KOLs will address clinical techniques, new products and the latest research and development at DENTALEZ.

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Get Ahead of the Misery: Injury Prevention Strategies from a Dental Hygienist Body-Builder
CE Credits: 0.25 CEU Release Date: 4/15/2024
Poor ergonomics leads to injuries that can shorten your career. As dentists, we know the significance of prevention and this absolutely applies to maintaining a fit and pain-free body. So the idea is to get ahead of all this misery, so how do we do that? To answer this question we are happy to have as our guest, Katrina Klein. Katrina is a RDH for 16 years, national speaker, author, competitive bodybuilder and certified personal trainer. She’s the founder of ErgoFitLife, where ergonomics and fitness are a lifestyle to prevent, reduce or eliminate pain.
The Hands, the Handpiece...or a Little of Both?
CE Credits: 0.25 CEU Release Date: 7/5/2023
Dental podcast: We can all agree that the dental handpiece is the workhorse of our practice. We need it to perform reliably, day after day. So today we're going to get deeper into why having the right kind of handpiece is so critical to a smooth running practice and to achieve predictable clinical results. Our guest is Dr. Chad Duplantis, who maintains a small group private practice in Fort Worth, TX, focusing on aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Duplantis is an author, a lecturer, and a key opinion leader in dentistry. His interests are mainly in digital, implant, and restorative dentistry. In 2020, Dr. Duplantis co-founded the Facebook Group Dentists IN the Know, which is designed to keep the dental industry well-informed.
Considerations When Buying a Dental Handpiece
CE Credits: 0.25 CEU Release Date: 3/6/2023
Dental podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. Dental handpieces are the workhorse of the operatory. If they go down, so does your practice! Today we'll be discussing how handpiece innovation can deliver operator confidence, create predictable tooth preparations, while improving the patient experience. Our guest, Dr. Lori Trost, has a comprehensive restorative practice in the Greater St. Louis area. She is a recognized dental educator, has authored a wide variety of professional articles and consults for many dental manufacturers.
Prepping for the Digital Workflow
CE Credits: 0.25 CEU Release Date: 8/17/2022
Dental podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. The digital workflow has arrived and it's here to stay, In fact, it influences every aspect of our practices. Today we'll be discussing current operatory equipment and other technologies within the digital workflow that promote efficiency, comfort, and ergonomics. Our guest is Dr. Lori Trost, who maintains a full time practice in Redbud IL.
Align for Success: How Ergonomics Will Help Your Practice and Your Life
CE Credits: 0.25 CEU Release Date: 5/3/2022
Dental podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. Learning how to sit and stand should be natural. But when you're operating in a field of vision that is smaller than a tennis ball, and that field is often not in a perfect position, we need to look at instruments, equipment, and body mechanics that will help us maintain our body’s health for practice longevity. To tell us more about this, is our guest Dr Sheri Doniger. She is a respected dental clinician, author, educator, and consultant who currently practices dentistry in Lincolnwood, IL.
And Now We Have the Variants: The Continuing Story of Respiratory Protection
CE Credits: 0.25 CEU Release Date: 8/2/2021
Dental Podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. All through the pandemic we have struggled with the issue of exposure to airborne infectious disease. To help us better understand the latest OSHA regulations and CDC guidance for respiratory protection, especially in light of these new variants, is Mary Govoni, a world-respected expert in the field of infection control. Mary is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant, working with dental teams for more than 40 years on clinical efficiency, infection prevention, ergonomics, and team communication. She has a Masters in Business Administration, and is a RDH and CDA.
Power Up Your Restorative Practice
CE Credits: 0 CEU Release Date: 3/8/2021
Dental podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. Technology and restorative material innovations continue to advance everyday dentistry. This podcast will discuss how the tools of our trade can deliver tooth preparation confidence for clinicians while creating an excellent patient experience. We'll talk about the benefits of how incorporating handpiece power into your practice can improve ergonomics in conjunction with promoting patient safety and better clinical outcome.

Our guest is Dr. Lori Trost, who maintains a full time practice in Redbud IL. Dr. Trost focuses on esthetic dentistry with a wellness approach to patient care. She lectures extensively throughout North America, is a clinical evaluator for many dental manufacturers, and translates her knowledge and experience into authoring a wide variety of professional articles.
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