About Us
About Us
The DentalEZ Group is comprised of six brands: StarDental, DentalEZ, CustomAir, RAMVAC, NevinLabs and Columbia Dentoform.

StarDental designs and manufactures a complete line of Lubefree and Lubricated high-and low-speed dental handpieces. It has provided numerous innovations to the industry such as fiber optics, Sonic Scalers, Prophy and LubeFreeā„¢ handpieces.

DentalEZ produces dental operatory systems, including cabinets, patient chairs and delivery equipment used in the dental office. This doctor and patient-friendly equipment creates an ergonomically sound, hygienic and organized work environment.

CustomAir produces vacuum systems and air compressors to operate dental equipment. Its advanced technology performs across a range of wet vacuum systems and LubeFree air compressors, bringing efficiency to one-person practices or multi-station clinics.

RAMVAC builds a full spectrum of 100% water-free dental vacuum equipment designed for decades of maximum reliability.

Nevin Labs designs, builds, and installs dental laboratory workstations with built-in dust collecting systems and modular steel cabinets for preclinical labs, wet labs, research labs and student technical labs.

Columbia Dentoform is a provider of simulation products for dental education. As pioneers of teaching aids and simulation dental models and manikin systems for dental education, Columbia Dentoform leads the market in innovative design and service. 
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